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Beignet Recipe | Sourdough Companion

Beignet Recipe

Hello. MY daughter and I have been watching The Princess & The Frog. It's set in New Orleans. There is a lot of Beignet eating going on! I tried to search a recipe on line but can only find yeasted ones. Does anyone have a recipe for such a raised, fried bread thing? It must have originally been sourdoughed . . .dates back to 1600s France.  I guess its just a sourdough donut?



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It looks like there's one kind of beignet which is basically fried choux pastry, and another one based on bread dough. I'm not sure what the New Orleans kind is but it would have to have been sourdough at one point. I suppose you could start with your basic sourdough, cut it into cubes and try frying it!