<p>Making sourdough is easy</p>

Problems with the recipe from Nourishing Traditions

Hello everyone! I was mightily impressed when I saw the depth of your sourdough bread baking expertise! I had no idea how...


Variation in Sour Dough Starters

I'm new to this site but couldn't find discussion on this topic. If it exists, I'd appreciate a pointer in the right direction...


Third attempt - Please Help!!

Hi everyone, just baked my third sourdough loaf and still it comes out quite flat. I used 450g flour (300 whitel, 100 wholemeal...


my first bread

worse  of worse  but the out side was really nice I will try it again

my first sourdough bread

Dense brick - no holes

Hi everyone, I have had a lovely starter working very actively for some months now. When I made my first loaf I realised that I...

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Whole Wheat Starter and Bread Help Request

Whole Wheat Starter after 7 1/2 hours-black line shows beginning point

Would appreciate comments, please. Had high hopes for whole wheat bread from Master Formula from Peter Reinhart's Whole Wheat...


Bread sticking to parchment

Hello, Well, I'm very proud - I made my first ever sourdough loaf (Auvergne Crown from Local Breads). I was pleased with the...


Making sourdough dough into a starter

I received a large fistful of amazing raw sourdough dough from a baker. I was hoping someone could instruct me as to how i would...

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Where to buy Gluten

Gluten is almost impossible to find It took me a week of solid searching but I found it Gluten on the Internet. If you go here:...


learning my first soudoug

Hi thank you for a great forum just stumbled upon this today I will read and learn a lot from you and will try my first sourdoug...

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