Baking Problems Solved - The Book

Has anyone read this book and what do you think - Baking Problems Solved by Stanley Cauvain and Linda Young. Any other good basic books out there that touch on these matters.



I’m not familiar with that particular text but I did browse the contents on Google Books [url=,M1][b]HERE[/b][/url].
If you're looking for knowledge on 'conventional' bread making - I use the word 'conventional' in this context to convey what is considered to be the accepted bread making technology in modern baking - there are plenty of excellent books. Here’s three examples. There are plenty of English books also that are very good too.

• Bread Research Institute of Australia, Staff Published 1989. [b]AUSTRALIAN BREADMAKING HANDBOOK[/b], University of New South Wales Press ISBN 0908237367

• E.J. Pyler, 1988, [b]BAKING SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY Vol 1 & 2[/b]

• Schunemann, Claus & Treu, Gunter. BAKING: THE ART AND SCIENCE, Baker Tech ISBN: 096937450X

Good luck.

Hey Boris, I just plied through the Pyler Vol 1. It will require many more reads but I found it to be excellent. Clear writing. Thankfully he links up the theory to baking. While complex and a little over my head, it nevertheless opened my eyes to the intricate nature of bread baking and some of it's principles. Very motivational. I ordered Vol 2 and look forward to its arrival. I'll then move on to the other suggestions. Thanks for the leads.



Baking problems solved by Stan Cauvain is designed for the industrial bakers needs......