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I am new to sourdough baking.  

Just wondering what type of pans are the best for this type of baking?  Are there specific brands that work really well?

Thanks for any help you can offer.


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Hugo 2013 April 21

I always use a pizza stone because it retains heat and gives great results. I bake mostly boules, baguettes, ciabatta and batard breads. What types of bread do you intend to bake?

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farinam 2013 April 21

Hi LL,

A lot of people prefer to make free form loaves as Hugo suggests.  But if you want to use pans for your bread, I think that the proper steel bread tins such as they use in bakeries are the ones you should try to get.  They are usually painted/coated black on the outside or if they aren't you should season them by repeatedly heating and coating with oil such as you would do for a wok.

Good luck with your projects.


LL 2013 April 23

Thank you both!  I usually bake free form loaves but will try both methods.



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