BakerTrade: Employment for Bakers & Pastry Chefs

Besides the Employment forum, BakerTrade is an employment service that aims to promote artisan skill and knowledge in the baking industry. BakerTrade is run by the Artisan Baker Association, and membership is free for bakers.

"Our bakers are encouraged to acquire advanced fermentation and hand moulding skills. Pastry chefs work with natural fats (that melt at room temperature) and become masters of their area of practice. Our bakers are either practising artisans or industry bakers wishing to expand their skills."

If you are a baker or bakery and would like to join BakerTrade, please Sign up here. Bakers and Pastry chefs may view the current Job vacancies here.


I am French Pastry chef with long experience as baker and artisan in France. I would like to stay in Australia but i need a sponsored visa for this because i allready left my Job in Brisbane.

Hi! I am a recently layed off systems engineer looking for a change in career in baking. I am a very avid hobbyist in sourdough baking and would love a job involving  bread baking. I realize and accept that I will be taking a big pay cut. I am simply looking for a new start and pursuing a job I will love and be passionate about. Please respond to this message if anyone out there in the South Orange County area would be willing to give me a shot!


Thank you,

Maribel Bellendir

Rancho Santa Margarita, CA