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Australian Flours

Hi guys, I'm a home baker just geting into the artisan bread making and I was wondering where you buy your different flours and grains. At the moment I rely on Coles or Woolies is there somewhere else that caters for the home baker. I'm on the NSW south coast.




Hello billh,

If you have a local health food shop, they might carry a range of flours and grains.  There are a couple of places in Canberra if you get up that way - or they might post although that could get expensive.  Doing a search on the web might throw up something a bit more local.

Other than that, I find that Laucke Wallaby is a pretty reliable flour from the supermarket and they will sometimes have other stuff in their health food aisle.

Good luck with your projects.


Or the No-knead range if you're up to paying the price.

Talking to a local baker might also be useful, especially a more "artisan" type.

Cheers, I found a site called 'all about bread', based in WA, which have a large range of flours. They sent me out a price list which at a glance looks ok, depending on freight costs. So I'll see how that pans out. (now all I have to do is see if this post works, I'm new to this stuff)


Hi Bill,

I have heard that Honest to Goodness retail warehouse in Alexandria NSW has a good range and they send to out of town addresses. See  http://www.goodness.com.au/  . I have not bought from them myself but plan to check out  their shop one Saturday when I get the chance. I am normally a Wallaby user myself and I use Lighthouse for wholemeal.