artisan bakery apprenticeships

heya guys!

i'm 21 and have no experience baking  outside my own kitchen ( i'm really selling it, huh?) ,  but i'd really like some advice on how i should go about getting an appreticeship or something in one of the fine establishments featured on this site, or other small 'hands on' artisan  bakeries?    do you guys who run bakeries prefer to take on apprentices who have started a course (at tafe or wherever) or will you take on people who haven't started one, but are more than willing to? 

I'd be really happy for any other advice you guys could give me on how to go about increasing my chances


thanks a million








Hi Soph,

We really do need to work on a 'beginners guide' for how to get into the baking industry. In most cases experience is a big plus, but I've heard of bakeries that prefer fresh talent. I've recently made a list of artisan baking courses on our employment website BakerTrade:

May I suggest signing up to BakerTrade, which is a targeted destination for bakers, pastry chefs and bakeries.

Sorry I couldn't of been more help, how long have you been baking?

All the best,

heya maedi,

thanks for you help.

yeah i sort of expected that experience was gunna be the thing they wanted most, but i signed up to bakertrade anyhow.

umm.. I've been baking cakes and y'know regular bread and stuff for a pretty long time i suppose, although I only started my sourdough starter a few months ago, but it seems to be working out, i've only made like 3 loaves with it, but even my dad who wondered why i couldn't just settle for bakers delight sourdough agreed they were pretty awsome!

can i ask, do you work in a profesional bakery? or do you just do it for fun ? how long have you been baking for?

anyway thanks again






I don't have much experience myself with baking :( but very soon Graham, myself and our family are starting an organic sourdough bakery down here in Tasmania. So I'll be thrown into the deep end! Graham's the baker and he's been baking for over 20 years.

And I do it for the fun (doing the work behind this website mostly), there's so many great people you meet through baking, TeckPoh, Jeremy, many others... and I'd like to visit them all in their respective countries one day!

Keep at it and let us know how you go, good luck! We'd like to meet you, when you're in Tas or when we're up that way.

All the best,