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100% Kamut

I am brand new to this site, but not new to sourdough bread baking. However, I haven't made bread in over a year because of gluten sensitivity. I'm hoping to jump back in now that I have had some healing (GAPS diet, in case anyone's wondering), but at this point I am only willing to work with Kamut (because it's the easiest on my system).

That brings me to my question. Can I develop an all-Kamut starter from scratch? Any tips for doing so? A google search turned up eHow instructions, but I'm not sure how reliable that source is... I'd love expert opinion!

Thank you! I hope I'm using the site correctly :)


Yes you can make an all kamut starter just like you would make a wheat or rye starter.  Check on here how to make a wheat starter and just use kamut unstead.

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Thank you! I started it today!