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 What has been on my mind is how little i know of my trade, i mean i go to work at 2 am only to do the same thing over and over agean with out really thinking of the little things. I work in you normal basic bakery not going to name and names ;) thats a delight. so i've been thinking of the cost to set up and make sour dough and specialty dough that are unique to my style and will bring back costumers begging for more and maybe make a little dough on the way. and addive for me to achive my goal . ive also been thinking of doing my  'Food Processing Certificate IV'  has any one done thiss ? and by the way hello and look fowerd to your help :)


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nshelley91 2012 March 7

 im a 3yr at woolworths supermarkets, and all we do is pre-mixed doughs, and its just boring.
so i make way to much sourdough and other artisan style breads at home. 
ive done my cert III in food prosessing and have herd good things about what you learn in cert IV, so i would reccomend doing it, as it would greatly help you if you were to open your own business.

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