Today's sourdough

The mother (kept in a jar!) stands proud behind her set of twins.30% wholewheat sourdough with linseeds and toasted sunflower seeds

 The pre-ferment was with 15% of the total flour and seed culture, 3% of total flour weight. Fermented for 12 hours at 24 degrees C.

After the final mix, the dough temperature came to 24.4 degrees C.

Bulk rise of four hours at 24.4 deg. C. I stretched and folded three times at, roughly, hourly intervals.

Final rise - about an hour and a half at room temperature, then in the fridge for 9 hours at around 7 degrees C, then into the oven (pre-heated to 260 degrees and pre-steamed).

I'm trying to get more sourness.

The above loaves weren't that sour. The flavour was better than without the cold retardation, but minimal increase in sourness.

Maybe I should try a geater proportion of sed culture to total flour weight.

I'd like to get sourness and a good loaf volume. 

Breads I've tried that have been sour, tended to be quite dense. Really flavorsome but dense.

Any suggestions?

Happy baking!



Bush or otherwise.

Nice loaves.

Keep on bakin'


 Thanks dude!

 looks delicious can you pass me a piece with a bit of pecorino and avocado, maybe a little kale? yum! 


... that the degree of sourness depends upon the local bacteria

Here in England I have never been able to achieve the degree of sourness that San Francisco bread has (even when using dried starter purchased in San Fran). I guess we just have to live with whatever our local bacteria will let us achieve!

i find that feeding the starter with freshly ground rye flour can add to the sourness and activity, as can a longer fermentation. i'm happy with 18 hours, but a friend likes to ferment for 30 hours.

Are you using a firm starter or liquid?  It has been said that a firm starter in the 65% range which I happen to use facilitates a more sour flavor.  Also, I find breads with rye and whole grains if left for a 24 hour or more retardation in the fridge seem to get a more sour flavor profile.

could you use clod water (from the fridge) to slow the frement and get a more tangy bread?