Now I really do have a real hobby. I'm extatic:)





2009 was a big mess for me and I thought it would never end. Well, eventually it did, but all the new year seemed to bring was even more confusion. I'm turning 30, I have a good job, a loving family and most importantly a son who's in good health and is the center of our lives. Still, I have never been able to get rid of the thought that I didn't really know which way I was headed. Everyone in my family who has a bit of spare time has a hobby or some kind of preoccupation. Whenever I complained something was missing, someone told me to get a hobby.

I'd been the "baker in charge" on holidays or whenever I felt like for a couple of years and although my bread&cakes brought much joy to my family no one really encouraged me into baking because they considered it to be hard work and time consuming.

And in the past weeks it really hit me, I want to bake whenever I like, because it makes me feel absolutely special. And then the sourdough thing - now that's a challenge :). I have learned so many useful things and my skills are already improving. I'm really happy about the turn things took.

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