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I am a prejudice Italian baker, and I decided to change my life like Australia very beautiful and I think that we live better here than in italy the government there is ruining their lives! There's some of you that I can make a suggestion some help? I would like to know if I have chances to find work in Australia I like melbourne! Please help me! Thanks!


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Graham 2008 March 6

Hi panvaric. I suggest you join BakerTrade. You can upload your resume or email it directly to Some of the bakeries on this web site use BakerTrade to find bakers...several of them are in Melbourne.

Good Luck!

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Graham 2008 March 6
[quote=Jeremy]What about chef wannabe bakers from NY?

Anyone that can teach a baker to use a Chef's Knife and to cook at omelette level or higher is welcome. Please include these skills on your resume to BakerTrade.

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