Our Pet Starters...

Many of us are very fond of our starters, often referring to them as pets...   This was...long story, my pet counter starter Fruity - till he became Stinkycheese, and then was terminated by my son-in-law!  He was worried that he had gone over to the dark side.    Not to worry - he has been resurrected from his old mum!  So Fruity Lives!




Feel free to post your favorite pet starter story here!




That is the cutest!!!


I've yet to turn Stretch into something more solid, except when I send him off to new surrogates.

My "Fritz" and his rye flavoured half  brother aren't in the slightest bit cute - wet starters are a bit more like a seething mud pool than a cute wee thing like Fruity!  Might have to make a stiff starter and see what I come up with.  How do you stand drowning Fruity in water and blending him/her with flour every time you make bread - its almost like "murder"!  But then I guess he/she just rises from the ashes like a phoenix every time hey?

Very nice Terri :o)



Almost too human Johnny!

He sure is good looking!

Hi Harold! :) and Fritz :).

I had named mine Munchie originally, but my girlfriend at the time said she didn't like eating something with a name, which didn't matter anyway as she forgot to feed him while I was at work one day (he was just getting going, about 5 days in), and he starved to death :(


On the upside though, Munchie 2 is now alive and kicking, and I just baked my very first full sourdough loaf.  It's not perfect by any means, but it's definitely not a doorstop!


Anyway, glad I'm not the only one who sees my starter as a pet! :)