Whoops I goofed

Good to see the site is on a new server and that we can post once again.  Now on to the bread.  Ever since I saw a recipe for bacon and cheese bread I have been thinking of jalapeno, bacon, and cheese bread.  I just figured that this would be a great tasting bread.  Many years ago we used to buy a sourdough jalapeno and cheese bread that was made here locally and it was very good.  I searched high and low to get an idea on what kind of percentage to use jalapenos i the bread.  I didn't find any so I just took a wild guess and plugged it into my formula.  I printed up my spreadsheet giving me all the weights for the ingredients and went off making the bread.  The jalapenos, bacon, and cheese were all dumped into the mix last.  I could tell almost immediately that I had added way to much of something but was not sure where I had gone wrong.  The dough looked like a fruit cake with all kinds of goodies poking out all over the place.  There seemed to be just enough dough to hold the mess together.  The dough never did seem like it rose at all but after a while it seemed to be a little bit softer so I cooked it.  This is what came out of the oven.

Whoops I goofed

I took the bread to work and it was gone without a trace before the next shift got to work.


Your colleagues sure know how to appreciate good bread! I can see Celia has much influence on you. You've seen her filled breads, right? What cheese did you put in?

BTW, we finally bit the bullet and got some Castello Danish 50+ blue cheese. Next...to open it. Other half thinks it wise not to bake it into the bread...at least not on our first taste trip.


I put some Cheddar Cheese in the bread.  I haven't paid any attention to Celia's filled breads that I'm aware of.  The percentages for the cheese and bacon were clearly way to much and I don't know where I got the numbers from that I used in the formula.
Jalapenos? they're hot chilli peppers aren't they? Bacon and cheese I get but not too sure about the hot chilli thing :)

Jalapenos are a hot pepper.  I would never say that peppers in bread are for everyone but I like them in bread.
So Duane I made one without the Jalapenos...
I made this Bacon and Cheese twist with a nice sharp mature cheddar and a little cream cheese filling. The crumb was nice and moist and open but I think I could have added just a little more bacon & cheese bits. I was trying to restrain myself so as not to do my usual  'too much of a good thing' and go overboard. Still it is very scrummylicious... :)
they look AMAZING!

They look amazing!
Okay I made a new bread that is much better than the first.  You can read about it here.