In search of a perfect bread

I said "a prefect bread" because there has to be more than just one, right?  The Blue Cheese and Rye got me in the quest of making a great bread.  When I ate that bread I just knew it was the best bread I had ever eaten and strange as it may sounds I thought I could even make it better.  Here is what it ended up looking like.

I call it Pepitas Blue Cheese.  Here is the crumb shot.

Pepita Crumb

I took the bread to work and cut the end off to see how it was.  When I finished eating that piece I had to have another piece right now.  I didn't even care that nobody else had even had a piece of bread yet.  This bread is full of wonderful flavors that don't overwhelm each other but have a nice balance.  You can read how I made it at my website.


One day, I must bake the LD Blues....



I think you cracked it! Well done LD. 

I am definitely going to try this. That crumb looks so nice. I bet the fresh milled grains just give it that winning edge in taste and the milder cheese doesn't overpower. It's actually 12.11 am here and I am sitting here staring at this bread drooling...
When it cools down here I think I'm going to try sourdough blue cheese croissants.
I must try it too, sounds very tasty! Could you use roquefort cheese rather that blue cheese? I hate it a bit, comparing always!
Yes you can use roquefort cheese.  You will have to adjust the recipe to your taste no matter which cheese you use.  Have fun with it.
Thx LeadDog. Can you adjust the recipe by trying the dough or trying the final result? Just thinking it could save time if you could try the dough, but I have never tried it. Maybe some times when I don't have a scale so to taste the salt in it.
True-fully I have never tasted the dough of any bread that I have ever made.  I think a good starting point would be 20%.