laminated sourdough

beautiful yellow from a ripe Japanese steam pumpkin puree, sievedone baked in a pullman bread pan covered without egg wash. the other in a cake pan with egg wash uncoveredclose up crumb shot. great with thick cut marmalade!!

i was amazed by the work of txfarmer from the fresh loaf with his sourdough baking. especially the beautiful laminated (multilayered) sourdough. i tried one of his newest recipe for the pumpkin version. did not read clearly enough his instruction was all confused a little. ended up with not so holy crumb as his. will definately give it another go.. 

here is the result of my fairly good out came :) 



I think your loaf came out looking great!

thank you shasta, it tasted great as well. shared it with all my friends. they love it. next attempt will be txfarmer's laminated croissants!! 

be back with pictures soon to share.

happy baking to all