Just a quick post - I though I'd share a picture of my croutons with everyone. You see with all this experimental baking I find myself with a surplus of bread. I've taken to making croutons from my less successful loaves. Sourdough seems to make the best tasting croutons! I've even found myself  absent mindedly snaking on them in my idle moments!


Just incase anyone is wondering, I simply cube the bread then spread it out in a roasting pan and pop the pan in the oven on 150 C. You know they are ready when they turn this lovely golden colour.


I do this too! Sourdough makes fantastic-tasting croutons.

I store them in a biscuit tin and when I want breadcrumbs for a recipe, I grind some up in a mortar (or, if I need lots, in a processor).

The croutons I make from all the heels left from my bread make excellent treats for our dogs!  Much healthier than the store bought kind.