Brick. Bread. Happens. >sigh<  Baking While Distracted.  There oughta be a law!  I wrecked up a loaf of wheat-white simple last night/today by adding too much flour.  It actually rose well, considering, but not nearly enough to lighten it up a bit.  The thing is like a club.  The test will be in the cutting at breakfast tomorrow...I just had had too much food today to want to cut the poor ugly thing.  This is a very humbling hobby.


Oh Dear, do I feel for you...

Here's a consolation for you: the bread isn't just the baker's creature. It is part of the big dough, thus it responds to the larger ebb and tide. Maybe you baked it too close to the full moon, or other natural cycles that aren't supportive of baking.

I've had my share of ugly batter things coming out of my kitchen, and I know that there'll be more. You have to love them all ;-)

I once made a loaf that resembled something you could throw long distances in the Olympics!  But because I was new at the game and ever so keen, I actually ate it!! and my attempt at spelt bread was even worse!  Here is even a picture of the nightmare .... amazingly it tasted better than it looks!

There are good days ................ and bad days! :o)


From what I experimented, even my worst bake offs are still...edible. :D I used them as croutons or for bread pudding...delicious !