Miche-style loaf no. 2

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I got a 10-Kg bag of Laucke wholemeal flour. I think it's 100% extraction. I had another go at making a miche-style loaf.
The final dough was 85% wholemeal flour and 15% white bread flour, with 73% hydration.
I had trouble with the loaf maintaining its shape. I folded the dough 3 times during bulk fermentation and I let the loaf rise in a round bowl.
When I tipped it out onto a baking tray (my peel) to transfer to the oven, the loaf lost it's shape.

The finished bread cooling out the oven.

The flavour is very nice.


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TeckPoh 2008 April 21

What's the weight of this whopper? Where's Jeremy, aka miche maestro? Jeremy, what would you suggest to keep the miche from flattening out?
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Bushturkey 2008 April 22
Hi TeckPoh.

The weight of the finished dough was 1640 g (3 lb 10 oz.). I only made one this time! I was more careful with measuring the ingredients.

I reckon the keeping quality of the bread is better with a heavier loaf. It doesn't seem to dry out as smaller loaves do (maybe it's the wholemeal flour?). But smaller loaves take a shorter time to get eaten!

I baked the second one last Saturday. The flavour just keeps changing. The sourness is getting more pronounced, but so is the flavour of the whole wheat. I just love chewing on it.

I keep the bread wrapped in cloth (I got some calico from a paint supplies shop I use it as a couche and to wrap the loaves in after cooling).

amber108 2015 April 11

Miche is often flatish, and you can always do extra folds, I fold every hr over 4hrs for bulk for very wet doughs, but it will always be a tad on the flat side. Heavy flour maybe?

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