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I seem to be having a drawn-out midlife crisis at the moment.

The upshot, though, is that I'm on 12 months' leave without pay and I've devoted a lot more time to baking!
My orginal rye culture died from neglect, but I managed to successfuly start another one. I used to feed my cultures once a week (kept in the fridge), but during the Alice Springs winter, I left the cultures on my kitchen bench and started feeding them once a day then twice a day. I think the twice-daily feedings seem to keep the cultures alot more happy. Now the temperature is going up and the sourdough is ALOT more active.

Some positive news is that I entered a sourdough 90% rye bread with roasted whole wattle seeds (Acacia a hot soaker) in the Central Australia bushfoods competition.

The bread was chosen as one of the finalists to be judged by Stephanie Alexander and some local judges this Saturday!  Not the bread olympics, but Crikey!

I'll enter some pictures in my blog when I make the loaf pror to entering it.

The bread I entered in heat 2 of the competition was served plain (just the bread. It did not need any other accompaniments to hide its flavour). Some of the judges commented that I should've served it with something. I might get some nice butter, cheese and olives.

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