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Bread basket | Sourdough Companion

Bread basket

 I did it - I donated a basket of bread as a raffle prize. It contained a sourdough, a white farmhouse tin loaf, goats cheese & herbes de Provence grissini and ale house rolls (from Dan Lepard's Short & Sweet, made using Red Macgregor ale). I was very pleased with it, as were the recipients apparently. And lots of money raised on the night too.


Hi Anne,

That looks just great.

Could make a great present as well. Farinam

That is a great prize. I would love to win it. It would be good to eat someone else's bread for a change!

 Looks just gorgeous!


Fabulous prize and great looking bread. The ale house rolls sound amazing, could you please post the recipe sometime   Glad to hear you raised loads.


Wonderful. I really would love to have the confidence to do that. Maybe in a year or so. 

And such an original raffle prize. Good cause, good bread, good idea ....