International Program

Just heard at work today of an international program, that allows people from other countries, to gain contracts with places of employment, and allow them to work in these establishments for a specific amount of time.

So, there is a possibility that a person from England may be coming to my area, and looking for a job for a 3 year contract. I hope it happens because this sounds really interesting, and I look forward to the experience! We also may be getting a pastry chef for an unspecified (I forgot) amount of time.

Cheers, Adam

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So far this looks like it is going to happen. Paper work is already done up. He will be coming to Canada some time early next month. Turns out his Father lives 4-5 doors down from me on my street. So he will be my neighbour when he gets here. Pretty cool! His name is Roger, and from what I have been told is very excited to come work for me. I am excited as well, and look forward to meeting him.