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Hot cross buns | Sourdough Companion

Hot cross buns

With Easter approaching we are in hot cross mode on weekends right now.


How many grams per bun? Yum!
They are 125 grams each. Cut from a 4.5 Kg piece and put into a manual bun press, for 36 equal pieces, which are rolled into balls, and slashed with an X
here is the press

What a time saver!
Adam, is that a good press.  I'm wanting to buy one but the semi automatics are very expensive for my little budget.


I love the photo angle, especially the map showing Oz!
Adam would that be a dutch divider or what is the true name?
yea the angle is coincidence. Picture was taken a few years ago. We lost the map somewhere.
Divider is made by Oliver.

It works great, and is really a time saver. We not only put buns to round, but floured buns in it as well.
oh yea, you can mount them anywhere. That one used to be on a wooden table. If you get one, make sure whatever is holding it down is secure. Sometimes you have to press hard with all your weight ( if you aren't very big) and it will want to tip over on you!
I don't have a problem though.