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 We are a small award winning bakery specialising in long ferment and sourdough breads.  W... read more →

updated 3 years ago

A scratch bakery specializing in custom cakes and cupcakes. I am looking to expand to a full service... read more →

posted 3 years ago

Three Loaves Bakehouse

, Queensland

 Three Loaves Bakehouse is an artisan bakery. Inspired by great bread from Europe, the artisan traditions of scratch baking and a return to old fa... read more →

posted 3 years ago

Tommy Le Baker

, Kuala Lumpur

Specialises in sourdough pre-ferments and long fermentation process to nurture the taste and to achieve the full nutritional potential of bread using what... read more →

updated 2 years ago

Trois Petits Pains...

, Saone-et-Loire - Bourgogne

Trois Petits Pains... is a small village bakery in rural France (South Burgundy).All our bread is ma... read more →

updated 5 years ago


, New South Wales

Victoire is one of those places where a loyal following has been forged by consistently supplying pa... read more →

updated 1 year ago

 At Wapping Sourdough we only use organic flour ( British where possible) and only produce naturally leavened bread. We do not use any nuts, dairy pro... read more →

updated 3 years ago

Weekend Bakery is serious about artisan bread baking.  Making bread in small quantities with lo... read more →

updated 1 year ago

Wild Crust Bakery

, Victoria

Wild Crust Bakery produces traditional sourdough breads which are then baked in a Allan Scott design... read more →

updated 3 years ago

Wild Flour Bread

, California

We arrived at Wild Flour Bakery just after 9:00 am. Pulling up on the small bakery it was easy to se... read more →

updated 2 years ago