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Newrybar bakery

, New South Wales

Woodfired Sourdough read more →

updated 3 years ago


, Victoria

Photo:  Location 84 Bay Street Port M... read more →

updated 4 years ago

Oakhaven Organic Farm

, Nova Scotia

 A bakery using organic ingredients, and a  wood fired oven to produce sourdough and yeast... read more →

posted 3 years ago

Panya Artisan Bakery

, Queensland

Panya Artisan Bakery is providing some of the best cafes and grocers on the Gold Coast with the most delicious Sourdough bread available. Come and see us a... read more →

updated 1 year ago

Pearl Bakery

, Oregon

In February 1997, Pearl Bakery first opened its doors with only a handful of employees, a small pro... read more →

updated 4 years ago

 I've been baking bread at home and at work for last two years , still learning but would like ... read more →

updated 3 years ago

Plump Harvest

, Victoria

Plump's sourdough has previously been made by commercially trained bakers, but owners Michael and Da... read more →

updated 5 years ago

Polestar Hearth

, Ontario

Polestar Hearth is a small shop.  So small that the oven got squeezed right outdoors.  We bake fine sourdough brick oven bread for sale by subscr... read more →

updated 1 year ago

Ravine Vineyard is home to a small artisan bakery operation specializing in sourdough bread. We prid... read more →

updated 3 years ago

Red Dog Bakery

, Devon

We are an Artisan micro bakery based in Black Torrington, Devon UK.  We provide sourdough and yeasted breads to villages in the area and to farmers ma... read more →

updated 2 years ago