• Red Dog Bakery

    Red Dog Bakery offer bread making courses in your home so you can get to know your oven and learn to improvise with the basic...Read more

  • Glassblowers bread!

    I made my first Pain Levain with help from this site. It took a week to make the starter and about 18 hours for the bread to rise...Read more

  • Bagietka Bakery

    We are baking all types of bread but doing it by sourdough method we have started recently. The first bread called “8 Grains”...Read more

  • Polestar Hearth

    Polestar Hearth is a small shop. So small that the oven got squeezed right outdoors. We bake fine sourdough brick oven bread for...Read more

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  • The Baker Boys

    The Baker Boys are a small organic bakery in Hampshire producing a range of bakery goodies using the very best ingredients we can...Read more

  • Juju Bread

    Juju Bread specialises in sourdough and gourmet boutique breads, all baked in the traditional artisan style. All products are...Read more

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  • Yin's Sourdough Bakery

    We baked all types of bread and buns using our sourdough starter. We do not use commercial or baker's yeast, bleached flour,...Read more

  • German Bakery Windsor UK

    German Bakery UK is a Boutique Bakery in the United Kingdom that provides a collection of Gourmet Bread and fine German...Read more

  • Farmpride Bakery

    a " bread and butter baker".. wide variety done simply. breads, puff pastry, sweet dough products, donuts, cookies.. located in S...Read more

  • Weekend Bakery - Holland

    Weekend Bakery is serious about artisan bread baking. Making bread in small quantities with lots of time and attention will...Read more

  • Rustica Sourdough

    Rustica Sourdough delivers a beautiful range of artisan breads, baked fresh from our Brunswick St bakery. Head Baker, Brenton...Read more

  • Tartine Bakery

    It was getting on closer to lunch time and you could tell this is a popular place! Fortunately, I had pre-ordered and paid for my...Read more

  • Wild Flour Bread

    We arrived at Wild Flour Bakery just after 9:00 am. Pulling up on the small bakery it was easy to see that business was already...Read more

  • Broodt Microbakery

    Broodt is the dutch word for bread, but normal spelling is "Brood". By adding the "t" the word becomes a verb and it is also...Read more

  • Tedboy Bakery

    The freshest bread & pastries lovingly made from scratch daily at Tedboy's kitchen. Each item is produced with Ted boy in...Read more

  • Red Dog Bakery

    We are an Artisan micro bakery based in Black Torrington, Devon UK. We provide sourdough and yeasted breads to villages in the...Read more

  • Farina

    Farina's started in June 2012. I could not find tasty and nice bread so I decided to make it by my own. I like sourdough and...Read more

  • Yeastcoast Bakers

    I am now a home baker baking naturally leavened breads with my own wild yeast culture who sells his breads and other products at...Read more