Chalala Micro-Bakery

My wife (Rhonda) and I (Laurie) run a small bakery in rural South East Queensland, Australia. 

After starting from absolute from scratch - no oven, no bakery and no sourdough baking experience - we have built a commercially successful and sustainable bakery in three years. We have a relatively small Alan Scott wood-fired oven and bake once a week for wholesale sales into the region and twice a month for the Darling Downs Farmer's Market in Toowoomba.  We are committed NOT to work ourselves into the ground.  When this begins to feel like a real job - we quit!

We are committed to genuine sourdough (no cheating) and local organic flours and ingredients.  We love to use our own home grown herbs and fruits (eg mulberries).  We supplement our weekly bread bake (200 - 250 loaves) with a range of baked muesli, pizza bases and twice baked sourdough (a great way to use that unsold or cruddy looking bread!) 

We are blessed to be located only forty minutes from the biggest organic flour mill in Australia (Kialla Pure Foods) and only fifteen minutes from our mate Barry Bowden's Red Gum mill at Pampas.  Barry has an biodynamic farm as well as a mill that produces some great flours!

I have reached the stage where I can now bake a pretty fair sourdough fairly consistently while still being able to bugger up an oven load occasionally!  As Alan Scott once said to me, "Bread is like wine ... every bake will be different ... you are baking today's vintage."

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    Rossvale (via Toowoomba), Queensland, Australia.

    Phone: 07 46937255


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     We make and sell a range of breads including ciabatta (a big favourite with local cafes and restaurants), plain and wholegrain sourdoughs, rye bread, herb & olive breads, fruit bread, banana bread.  We make both hand shaped and tinned loaves.


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Great stuff guys, wonderful to have such a connection with the flour. Have to come up and visit one day. And after working in a bakery, I love your work philosophy!

Thanks Maedi ... and for inviting us to participate here at too. You are, of course welcome to visit with us any time!

What a wonderful arrangement.  It is something I would love to do - but so many things get in the way!  I really relate to your buy local philosophy and I wish you a happy - and prosperous - New Year.



Many thanks for that.  Like you we are semi-retired.  I've given up full employment (still do a little consultancy work).  Don't leave it too late to give it a go!  Hope you have a great year too!